Tuesday, September 29, 2009

So many deer!

Monday morning comes and we wake to continue our drive to Kansas City. I have allowed four days to make it easier on my back as that is definitely my weakest link. At least with multiple settings on the power seats I can continually move things around to ease the fatigue and pain that will ensue with a long drive. I must look absolutely ridiculous at times to some of the other motorists as they pass by. From lying almost on my back with my arms up like Frankenstein, to pushed right up against the steering wheel in a completely prone position, I definitely will add something to see on the highway.

We leave Salt Lake City and head across the bottom of Wyoming instead of going over the mountain ranges of Utah and Colorado. The drive inside Utah is very pretty and makes it one of my favourite states to drive through. Just think of the “Old West” with red rock, spires and arches which make it spectacular. They actually film lots of western movies here. As you make your way through Wyoming it eventually just turns into a grey, barren desert like setting which I think is good only for ranching and windmills. Oh yeah, and the millions of deer you see here. I am talking about more deer then you could imagine. You could honestly catch them with nets!

Just before Cheyenne we head south through Fort Collins to arrive in Denver. I am hungry and I feel like dinner so I proceed to type in my GPS” barbecue” under the food section. I choose Bennetts Pit Barbecue mainly because it says “pit”. The woman’s voice in the GPS (I affectionately call her “Biatch”) tells me how to navigate to get there, and we get through Denver and arrive at the restaurant fairly easily. The first thing I notice as a caterer is the ten vans parked in the parking lot for delivery. I think to myself, “This is a good start”. When we have decided on what to eat, Jessica orders the side ribs. Good girl! I told you she knows barbecue. I order the platter which has ¼ chicken, pulled pork, brisket, sausage, side ribs, and some really good beans. Three sauces are in squeeze bottles on the table and it is very good. We can’t eat it all despite our best efforts, so I pack it up in the clamshell container that is provided and take it home. Today during the drive, the leftovers are excellent.

Once we were inside Kansas, I saw the first of other competitors arriving for The Royal. These guys were from Texas and they have brought along a smokehouse! I am not kidding. You could stand inside this thing, and they must have used a crane to put it on the trailer. They even bring full size logs. Not split fire wood logs, but we are talking about some broken fallen trees.

We eventually arrive in Kansas City Missouri as it is getting dark. There are a lot of hills and trees everywhere and it is not anything like western Kansas which is flat farming country. From what I have seen so far it is a nice clean city, much like Vancouver or Seattle. Tomorrow I will know more when the lights come on. On the menu for tomorrow,I am anxiously awaiting either lunch or dinner at Arthur Bryants or Oklahoma Joes.


  1. Well done Justin!
    Keep the stories comin'. Wish I could be there with you but I will be following your posts.
    Bad Ass BBQ

  2. Keep following Dave. Good to know your reading.