Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Arthur Bryants.

I will just put up this little video I made today. Don't laugh as it is the first time I have used this camera and my first attempt at trying to figure out the software. It will get better. I promise.

Anyways that is besides the point as the most important thing today was getting my trailer on to the American Royal grounds and getting some supplies for the time that I will be there. The grounds are huge! I have never seen anything on the scale that this competition will be. I saw pictures on the Internet and thought it was big but I didn't know that those pictures only show one out of five or six lots. I met a nice local team who helped me find my way to the hardware store today. I also met Steve and Cheryl Holbrook from Kansas City face to face today. Steve, (who is team mates with Paul Kirk,) and I corresponded through email before I made my way out here. Bob Lyon introduced us last month, and both Steve and Cheryl drove out to meet us at the grounds. Super nice people they are and I will have more to share later. I will also have more about the grounds tomorrow when I get pictures. It is a sight to behold.

Today we went to Arthur Bryants for lunch and it was fantastic. This is about as good as it gets when it comes to barbecue. The Holy Grail of briskets! I had the most amazing brisket piled high on white wonder bread with barbecue sauce drizzled on top. Throw some pickles on the side and some baked beans and it will bring a tear to a grown mans eye. The people at Bryants were really nice to us. I told them that we were competing at the Royal and that we had driven a very long way to get here from Canada. I think they were impressed by our efforts as they took us behind the counter to see the big old brick pit. Actually we have been stopped a number of times in Kansas City because of our "North Vancouver BC" logos on the truck. People just can't believe we drove that far. Forget the stereotypes you here about, there are more people who know where BC is then you think. Well at least a dozen anyways.

The cool thing about Kansas City if your a barbecue lover is the smell. You drive around the city and fall victim to the sweet, smokey smell of burning Hickory everywhere. You know you had it last night but you just cant say no today.


  1. Great job on the video. Love the music.
    I am glad you arrived safe and sound, looks like a decent drive down.
    Tomorrow is the big day - first turn in is 12noon...that is 10am on the coast - awards at 4pm.... I will be super excited to hear the results. I am thinking about you guys !
    Good luck !

  2. Glad you like the music. Saw the Black Eyed Peas at the Grey Cup halftime show a couple of years ago. That was neat.