Saturday, November 13, 2010

She became an adult in Georgia!

When we ran out of time having fun in Atlanta it was time to move south to Waycross, Georgia. For the upcoming weekend would be competing in two more competitions, The "Best of the Best" Invitational and Open. The new location for the National Barbecue Festival is now on forty acres of land right in the town of Waycross and they managed to fill it wit a whole lot of teams, music, vendors and fun and games for the locals and visitors all weekend long. Hats off to Kell Phelps, the National BBQ News, The Exchange Club of Waycross and all the other organizers.

Once again I would be cooking on new equipment for a whole new twist again. This time I would use my new Weber Kettle that I just bought, to cook my chicken on but Kell, lent me their brand new barbecue trailer with a new Ole Hickory pit on it. I have never used an Ole Hickory and the first night was a learning experience. The pit is beautiful but I definitely relied far too much on charcoal and not enough on wood. I had lots of help from my daughter Melissa who learned how to prep chicken and ribs for competition as well as just how time consuming it can be. She worked hard and even turned 18 on our first night of prepping. That night I had to take her out to a local restaurant for a nice steak and chocolate cake when we were done. I cannot help but feel slightly guilty for having her turn 18 in a barbecue competition, but I can make it up to her later. There is lots for us to do, and I already promised her we would try to go skydiving in Miami.


When it was time for the awards ceremony for the "Best of the Best" competition, guess what? Once again we won more money for placing in the top 5 for our chicken! Not to bad, awards and paydays for both Brisket and Chicken in the last week competing against the very best teams! Now we will leave Georgia as well as Alabama with another barbecue award under our belt.

Racing plastic pigs down a river.

From Georgia, we looked at our options of where to go next. Savannah GA, or Charleston SC, or Myrtle Beach SC. In the end we decided to head towards Charleston. On the way to South Carolina, we drove by something that you don't see up here in Canada. Have a look below!

A barbecue trailer dealership!


  1. Finding the right catering company can make any event a breeze!

  2. Wow! That barbecue trailer dealership looks like paradise! Anyway, as an extreme barbecue lover (and proud owner of a weber gas barbecue), I make sure that whenever there are grilling contests nearby, I attend them and have a sample of each dish. I take my husband with me so that he'll take up some tips about making awesome BBQ meals at home. He has his own weber gas bbq, so sometimes we have our own little contest at home. And the judges? Our relatives! We both have our share of wins and losses, so it's all good. Can't wait for the next contest at home!

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