Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Smoke and Bones BBQ Trip 2010

This years road trip got off to a late start. There was some last minute catering in the film industry that came in, as well as some roles in some popular prime time television series. If you are a fan of the hit series Supernatural you will see that one of our large pits had a guest spot at a barbecue shack in one of the latest episodes. Next on the television list was the appearance of my wife and I as well as one of our pits in the new hit series Hellcats. Yes, my youngest daughter was so excited to find out we would be on set with Ashley Tisdale from High School Musical!

Nonetheless we got off to our start a couple weeks late and opted to fly into Miami and buy all our equipment that we would need as well as rent a van for us to get around Florida, Georgia, Alabama and wherever else we should make it.

First however, my oldest daughter, Melissa and I boarded a beautiful cruise ship in Miami so that I could conduct some lectures on barbecue over the seven days we were aboard. The talks were great and it was nice to meet new people from other parts of the globe. Our trip through the Eastern Caribbean took us to the beautiful ports of Puerto Rico, St. Maarten, and Haiti. The ribs and lobster grilling over barrels full of lump charcoal at beach side restaurants were just as awesome.

After the cruise we were back to stay in the Art Deco neighborhood of South Beach for a few days before leaving this morning for the Degaque competition at Talladega, Alabama taking place Halloween weekend at the AMP 500 NASCAR race. We have made it all the way across Florida today, to Tallahassee for the night. It is a balmy 80 degrees at 11:00 pm and we will be hitting Birmingham Alabama tomorrow afternoon. I have had some great help from some individuals down here who have let me mail order some equipment online and have it delivered to their homes here in the south. As well as some others bringing in some for me to borrow. Gotta love southern hospitality!


  1. It sounds like a great time Justin, I look forward to reading all about it, but, for those of us that are visually stimulated, please post more pics :)
    Best of Luck in Talladega,

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