Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Miami paramotoring

Remember back at the beginning of my blog when I mentioned packing my paramotor in to my trailer? Well it is now time to pull it out and start having some fun with it. I started flying paragliders eleven years ago when I was given a tandem flight for my 30th birthday by my wife. I was hooked right away and started lessons one week after my tandem flight. Yes I got hurt once but I could not give up flying for anything. Once you get bitten by the bug I think it is there for good.

I like to do mountain flying without a motor. Just me, my glider and the thermals or wind currents to keep myself aloft for hours at a time. It really is amazing. I have shared thermals with bald eagles only metres away from me. The two of us circling in the rising air while retaining eye contact is something you have to experience to believe. When I can’t get to the mountains I use my paramotor. Basically it is a seat with an engine and propeller that takes the place of the wind and thermals.

I took this video footage when I was in Miami. I met up with a few people from South Florida and they filled me in with all that needed to be done to fly at North Beach in Miami Beach. I also had to call Ft. Lauderdale airport and get clearance from the tower to proceed. After that I was on my way. I said goodbye to my new friends and headed off for the afternoon. I flew north to Ft. Lauderdale and then back in about three hours. You can see just how awesome it is to fly like this.

My wife and children bought me a shirt and on the shirt it says Carpe diem. I think that is fitting. Seize the day..

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