Saturday, September 19, 2009

How it all began.

In 2002 I was seriously hurt in a paragliding accident and deemed disabled. A broken back, wrist and torn TFC cartilage left a 35 year old automotive technician without a career or any hope. Suffering from chronic pain and no idea what to do, I tried to keep busy doing whatever I could within my pain tolerance. Married with three children, we had a busy household and I felt guilt at the predicament that my family was now in. I started looking for things that I could do to help out and I assumed the role of chief cook in our house. I found rewards in cooking for my family as they would eagerly consume the meals I prepared and then tell me how much they enjoyed my culinary skills. It certainly helped to bolster my battered ego.

As spring came I set out to buy a new barbecue. I looked around for about a month and then finally purchased a stainless one for just over $1000.00. A real beauty. I then proceeded to pour through recipe books and surf the cooking websites searching for recipes to cook on that new barbecue. I was after the next recipe that they would enjoy even more then the last one I prepared. I soon started watching the Food Network every night and eventually found out about "real barbecue". Southern barbecue. You know the kind of barbecue that brings the professionals out to competitions to cook for money. Big black smokers, the size of small gas plants on trailers, whole hogs and old seasoned men that knew how to cook meat in a way that was secretive like a cult. They would interview contestant's who would say things like "rub", "mop" and "green wood". Who knew what that meant? It sure sounded cool though.

Guess what? It was only a matter of time and I too, needed a real barbecue. I did my research and ended up buying my first water smoker, a Weber Smokey Mountain cooker. Can you imagine my wife’s surprise when I showed up with this new cooking apparatus after just spending all that money on the gas grill. "What do you mean we need a barbecue?" she asked. I told her, "Dear that is a grill, this is a barbecue." It all began like that.


  1. Nice blog Justin, I am really looking forward to following you on your tour. If there is anything I can do to contribute to your success, please don't hesitate to ask. I will see you in Tennesse at the Jack, we can raise a glass then.
    Safe travels,

  2. Great story Justin, also looking forward to following along! Can't tell you how excited I am to join you in Lynchburg. See you in 2 weeks in KC.

  3. Brenda - Ahmic Harbour, OntarioSeptember 30, 2009 at 2:55 PM

    Cheryl & Justin
    Thanks for sending the wonderful news of Smoke and Bones BBQ. I am very happy for both of you and wish you all the best in the future. Congratulations!